Face Masks

Face Masks

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Adding to our history of manufacturing snoods as part of our winter sports products, in these Covid-19 times we have expanded operations to include premium face masks in both adult and children sizes.

Our decision to produce face masks in not driven by profit. Changing production methods is costly and we are keeping prices for these high quality items as low as possible in line with our costs. We see this as a service and a way for us to play our part in this international crisis. There are certainly cheaper alternatives available, but as with most things, you get what you pay for, and all our masks carry the Dark Sentinel guarantee of quality and ethical production.

Our face masks are NOT medical products and we make no claims about the efficacy of our masks in relation to prevention of diseases, protection from them or in controlling the spread of germs. However, masks like ours do fulfil the increasing requirements of governments around the world for people to wear a face covering while out shopping or when out in public. If you must wear a mask, we want to help you look great while doing so!

To help counter the disruption to shipping companies caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we try to produce and ship masks from as close to the customer's location as possible, with manufacturing in several countries, including the USA and UK, and bulk shipping to Australia. Given the current demand for masks, though, we cannot guarantee that masks will be manufactured/shipped locally, so please be patient if delivery takes a few days longer than usual.

We have adult sized masks, and masks sized for childern, and because some children are reluctant to wear masks, we now offer the ability for them to design their own.

Simply download and print the template here (or use a sheet of A4 paper knowing that we will need to trim edges of the design to fit the mask), let your child design a work of art in as many colours as they like, take a well-lit photo of the design, upload it from your phone when ordering and the mask will show your child's very own work of art! Wearing a one-off face-covering masterpiece can help take away any fear or reluctance. (Of course, this isn't restricted to kids, so go to town on a design or wear your fave photo.) 

As well as being offered in two sizes, our premium face masks come with easily adjustable ear loop straps to fit all face shapes, as well as a shapeable hidden nose clip. The outer surface is printed on a premium breathable polyester fabric and the inner surface is made from a soft breathable cotton fabric. On the inside of the face mask there is a filter pouch should you choose use filters. Each face mask also comes with 2 pieces of PM 2.5 filters that can be placed inside the pouch. Masks are machine washable and resuable and replacement PM2.5 filters are widely available.

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