Collaborating opportunities

Apart from formal model photoshoots, we never pay people to wear our clothes. Also, we never pay for reviews.

We use various methods to help spread the word about DSent and Dark Sentinel. These can be split into three categories of collaboration: ambassadors, affiliates and sponsorship.

Ambassadors - we use inluencers as ambassadors to help promote our products to their followers on social media accounts (typically, Instagram and TikTok). We provide a product free of charge to the inluencer (including free shipping), who in return posts about their experience of wearing or using the product. To be one of our ambassadors, the influencer must be active in social media, with a growing number of followers and high engagement. This can be a one-off arrangement but our preference is to build on-going relationships. It's our most frequently used method of collaboration.

Affiliates - we offer an affiliate arrangement to some influencers where we believe they can turn interest into sales. We offer great affiliate features:

- commission is earned on sales generated by their followers;
- affiliates can view sales on a real-time dashboard;
- sales are tracked through affiliate links and cookies and are independently verified;
- we provide regular marketing material to affiliates to help drive sales.

Earnings for affiliates are not capped and this type of collaboration has unlimited potential for true influencers who can bring our products to the attention of their audience. Clearly, there needs to be a strong match between our business and the affiliate in terms of style and how our values resonate.

Sponsorship – this is partly a marketing approach but for us is mainly a corporate social responsibility activity and part of our ethical approach to doing business. Typically, sponsorship is a team-based offering. We have sponsorship arrangements in place with dance studios, martial arts academies, field-sports teams and esports teams in Australia, the UK and USA, and have supported many charitable causes, most notably in African and Asian countries. We provide kits, equipment and accessories, usually at no cost to the sponsored team. In return, they mention us on their social media accounts, websites or visually at their premises. We like to share information about the team on our social media accounts or through press releases to local media.

If you would like to find out more about how we can collaborate, please contact us on the form below, telling us a little about you and why it would be beneficial for us to work together.