What's the story?

Clothes are so much more than a way of covering the skin, each item says something about the person wearing it. As we like to say: 'it’s all about identity'.

Our identity is stylishly simple but not plain. It’s hard-wearing but good-looking. It’s high quality but reasonably priced. It’s ethical and sustainable, because that’s the way it should be.

This was the thinking when we launched into manufacturing winter sports gear in 2018.

It's a philosophy that keeps us true to who we are and what we do. We love winter sports and continue to scratch that itch with everything from hoodies to limited edition snowboards, but it didn't take long for us to venture below the snowline and produce casual and fitness clothes which are now worn across the globe.

Our influences are international. We're based in Australia, have UK roots and our first manufacturing partnership was sealed in the USA (on a hill in Griffith Park, overlooking LA).

These Aus-UK-US influences permeate our products in a very real sense as we have members of our team based in these three places. From edgy Dark Sentinel street designs to DSent performance gear for the athletics track, to UV-safe swimwear for kids, whatever your thing, you can be sure we have the gear for you, and the clothes will be distinctive, hard-wearing, unique. 

The first DSent products were produced with spending a day on the ski slopes in mind. Dark Sentinel was the off-piste let-your-hair-down side of the brand; after all, if you work hard, it's only right that you should get to play hard.

This distinction between the two brands still holds true. DSent and Dark Sentinel are two sides of the same company, and both carry the assurance of high quality and an unrelenting focus on ethical production.

Ethics means a focus on sustainability. All our cotton items are globally accredited for ethical production and use safe water-based inks. We use recycled polyester for other items, and are trialling other materials based on lyocell and modal. Everyone involved in our supply chain receives a living wage. If we can do this, larger more famous brands can, too. Yet most of them don't. Chances are, this applies to that famous logo on your chest. Ethics means actually doing it, not spending millions of marketing dollars pretending to do it. 

As a company, we’re young (our founder, Thomas Carroll, is still a teenager). We’re hustling to be heard in a crowded, noisy market. We’re delighted and amazed to see the growing community of people who like what we do enough to join in, to comment on our social media, to support our focus on ethics, to be moved enough to wear our name. We’re learning, we’re listening, we’re constantly trying new things.

Choosing to let our clothes become yours means projecting your identity through us, which in turn allows us to tell the world something about you. That’s a privilege we don’t take lightly.

We started this intro with a saying we often use, so let's finish it with another: it's only cool when it's ethical.