DSent Fitness and Casual Wear

At DSent we make and sell eye-catching fitness and casual wear, which we produce ethically. We started out as a winter sports clothing manufacturer and this heritage means we have a focus on affordable high quality products (you can find out more about our 'From Slopes to Street' story, here).

We're based in Adelaide, South Australia and have small design teams in Los Angeles, USA and London, England. Our designs reflect this three-pronged set of influences. 

Our materials are ethically sourced and the cotton we use in our shirts is 100% ringspun combed. Our clothing is manufactured and printed in more than a dozen countries, in quality-certified facilities and our clothes carry global ethical production accreditation. 

Manufacturing clothing comes with environmental challenges. At DSent, we find ways to overcome these to produce green, environmentally-friendly wearables. We score every product we produce against a set of criteria covering the material, manufacture, supply chain and packaging. (See here for a deeper dive on how we score our products and answers to other environmental questions.)

Scoring diagram

We assess each product we develop against these criteria, with a quarterly review for as long as that product is offered for sale. Where a product doesn't score at least 5 (or maintain it) on our ten-point scale, we won't make it available.

There are more profitable ways to operate, but we don't cut corners and our customers support what we're doing. They know that great-looking designs count for nothing if the price they're paying is damage to the environment. Choosing DSent means having high quality eye-catching casual and fitness clothes that feel as good as they look and have been made with the environment in mind. This ethical approach is what sets us, and our customers, apart. As we like to say, it's all about identity.